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Hiya Mr. Vincey <3 ^_^

Hehehe I'm am commenting on your work on newgrounds for the first time.
oh boy how much of a n00b am I eh?
This is one of my fav flashes you have done. Love every moment of it hunnie ^^
Thank you for being one of my best friends
You are a really cool friend Mr. Vincey you inspire me also and you make me feel better about my flashes ^_^
Thank you <3 xxx

I gave this a Overall 10 from meeeeeeee

p.s. I'm sprite editing poses of me Maybe you'd like to use em in a flash with meeeeeee!!!

-Tasha xxx

Vinstigator responds:

Thank you for the review Tasha, that made me feel good. Just for that your review shall be in the sequel.

P.S. I'd love to see those sprites, I might use them in my next movie :)